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Author Homework
Publication date 28th November 2018
Tags downloads ebooks and written works ashworth semester exam so240 social impact of technology

Ashworth Semester Exam - SO240 Social Impact of Technology

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Question 1 When corporations speak of __________ they are refusing to take responsibility for water pollution, air pollution, and other kinds of ecolo


Question 1
When corporations speak of __________ they are refusing to take responsibility for water pollution, air pollution, and other kinds of ecological damage.
operational contingencies
social contingencies

Question 2
As a researcher and as a student of Malthus’ theory, you would be surprised to discover that as the standard of living increases:
the birth rate remains stable.
birth and death rates fluctuate, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing.
birth rates decline for males and increase for females.
the birth rate actually decreases.

Question 3
Before the invention of the power loom, textile manufacturing:
was unregulated and overdeveloped.
took place in family-owned shops near market places.
took place in rural cottages under a putting out system.
was regulated by Parliament.

Question 4
Kamikaze attacks resulted in very high American casualty rates during the battle for:
Iwo Jima.
Battle of Midway.

Question 5
The tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was created by:
Sigmund Freud.
Robert Maslow.
Robert Louis Stevenson.
William Faulkner.

Question 6
Our planet’s climate thermostat as well as the world’s chief greenhouse gas is:
water vapor.
carbon dioxide.

Question 7
Cultural concepts about absolutely forbidden behaviors are called:

Question 8
Under the concept of __________ the best way to understand something is to take it apart to identify its most basic parts.

Question 9
Which of the following is related to ethanol production?

Question 10
Which kind of energy is associated with TNT?
Potential energy
Mechanical energy
Chemical energy
Kinetic energy

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