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File  icon pdf
Size 746.65 kB
Content rating General
License Personal Use Only
Author Greg Sushinsky
Publisher Greg Sushinsky
Publication date 07th July 2017
Pages 27
Tags downloads ebooks and written works iron guru vince gironda

Build Your Back the Vince Gironda Way

Written by Greg Sushinsky sold by Greg Sushinsky  Contact seller


This course features many of the ideas of Vince Gironda put into action. Get onboard with the Vince Gironda ways to build your best back ever!


There’s great interest in the methods of legendary bodybuilding trainer Vince Gironda. And why not? Although his teaching was complicated at times, Vince was a practical man. What interested him most was building muscle and sculpting fabulous physiques.

So with that in mind we’ve constructed a practical course very much along those lines. This back-building course features many of the ideas and principles of Vince Gironda put into action. The workouts, though, are mostly new.

In this handy, power-packed book, you will find out:
--the best exercises to develop a sensational back (they’re not the ones you might think)
--applying “Vince Anatomy” for super shape and size
--using exercise form and technique for maximum gains
--workouts for continual progress
--the best ways to use intensity
--new applications of classic Vince techniques

This volume, written by an experienced natural bodybuilder and trainer who has spent years researching, using and experimenting with Vince’s methods, brings you insights with clear explanations and even new ways of applying these methods for fast, sensational gains.

This volume features over a dozen workouts, which bodybuilders of any level can tap into and use. There are clear explanations of the exercises, how to do them, but more importantly, why you should do them.

Natural bodybuilders especially will benefit from this book. If you have struggled with conventional training and have mediocre results, this back-building course may be just the thing you’re looking for to break through to greater gains.

Get onboard with the Vince Gironda ways to build your best back ever!

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