What is Social promotion?

Social promotion is sharing content with people you know. If you see something you like on Distribly, or something you know a friend would love, share it and you can earn up to 70% sales commission. What's more, if you attract new members to Distribly who start selling, we pay you 5% of their sales turnover for their first six months. Sound good? That's because it is!

If you're an Affiliate, see our Promoting section.

Earning with social promotion

Whether you share on Facebook, Twitter, email or another of your favorite social networks, you can earn and do your friends a favor at the same time. There are two ways you can share and earn:

Sharing Distribly

When you recommend Distribly to your friends, it's called referring. It's a great system, for every new member you sign up, we pay you 5% of their sales turnover for their first six months. Best of all, it doesn't cost you or them a thing!

Find out more about promoting Distribly

Sharing products

When you share something from Distribly and someone makes a purchase, the seller could pay you up to 70% of the sales price. If that person also signs up and starts selling you earn even more as described in Sharing Distribly, above. It's so easy!

Find out more about promoting products

Your personalized URL

When you're logged in, most URLs are personalized. Meaning you can simply copy the URL out of the address bar and paste it anywhere. Whenever someone clicks one of your links, we know it was you that told them about Distribly and you can earn commission.

All URLs with the text "?aid=" followed by a number at the end, are personalized. Below is an example of your personalized URL for the Distribly home page:


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Tracking your social earnings

The Social promotion dashboard gives you an overview of your social earnings so you can easily see how all of your sharing is paying off. In the dashboard you can see the commission from sales you have generated as well as earnings from your referrals.

[Go to my social promotion dashboard]

Getting paid

Payments are made at the end of the month for the previous month's earnings. For example, your earnings from January are paid out at the end of February. You can also request early payouts.

Find out more about getting paid


You're free to promote Distribly virtually anywhere you like, online or offline. However, there are some things you cannot partake in, which are listed in the Promoting section.

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