What to do when a virus is detected in one of your products

We scan each new product for potentially malicious software including viruses. When malicious software is detected, your product is deactivated automatically and we send you a notification. If you receive such a notification, follow these steps:

  1. Update your security software to the latest versions and scan your computer thoroughly
  2. Clean your system thoroughly, removing all malicious software and files
  3. Go to the product on Distribly where the virus was detected, and click Edit tab
  4. Remove the infected file and upload a clean version
  5. Tick the checkbox Activate this product
  6. Click Save and go to product.

In the unlikely event your product was sold before the virus was detected, you can no longer replace the download file. If this happens, contact us to let us know, then create a new product with clean files.

For tips on computer security and Internet safety, see the Account security section in the Related stuff at the top right of this page.


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