Using search

Searching on Distribly is easy. Whatever you're looking for, the easiest way to find it is to enter what you're looking for into the box at the top of your page and click Find.

Results are displayed in three tabs, representing the main areas of Distribly:

  • Products
  • Members
  • Distri-pedia.


To browse products without searching, just click the Find button. Here you can choose from categories on the left to see the products contained inside.

To perform an advanced product search perform a search as described above, then click on Advanced search when the search results appear. This reveals three extra boxes letting you narrow your search criteria by only displaying results:

  • containing specific words
  • containing specific phrases
  • excluding results containing certain words.

You can also perform specialized searches by adding the following commands to your query:

Command What it does
e.g. hamst*
Acts as a wildcard, letting you search for parts of words.
e.g. hamster -large -scary
Excludes certain words from searches.
e.g. "hamster house"
Searches for the exact phrase you enter.
e.g. "hamster life"~5
Searches for terms that occur within a certain number of words of each other.
e.g. hamster && life
Searches for results where both terms occur.

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