Unique codes

Unique codes are an easy way for you to sell access to a product or service. You supply the codes, add your product or service details, and we allocate these to your customers when they purchase.

What can Unique codes be used for?

Unique codes on Distribly can be used to sell: access codes, license and serial keys, product vouchers, gift vouchers, service vouchers, activation codes, fixed length subscriptions, plus virtually anything else you can think of.

How do Unique codes work?

Once you've added your codes, and these have been reviewed, you're ready to start selling. You can email, share, embed, tweet, even Google your new product. When your customer buys your product, or service, we email them their code with the instructions you provided. They simply follow your instructions and they're done. Easy.

Adding your Unique codes

To list your Unique codes on Distribly, go to the My account drop-down at the top right of the page and choose Add an item to sell. Once logged in, choose Unique codes, enter your product details and upload the file containing your codes.

Tips for your Unique codes:

  • Codes must be randomly generated, not consecutive or easy to guess from another code
  • If your codes are for use on your website, you need to provide a way for your customers to redeem their code, we've provided some ways to doing this under Validating codes for your buyers
  • Codes should be single-use, and only be associated with one user account
  • If a code provides access to something it needs to be able to be revoked, removing the access granted with that code.

Your file and codes

Your Unique codes must be added as a .csv file with each code on a separate line. Each line can have up to 255 characters including spaces, you can include additional text and URLs in your 255 characters if you wish. HTML can't be used in codes and URLs are automatically displayed as hyperlinks.

Validating codes for your buyers

Your customer needs a way of validating their code either in person, verbally, via email, or directly on your website. Here are some common solutions:

  1. Use email validation for your Unique codes. The advantages of this are you can get started straight away and don't require a software developer.

    • Your customer purchases your product on Distribly and receives their code
    • In your instructions, include an email address and tell them to email their code to you
    • You validate the code and create their account, or grant them access to your service.

    You need to keep a record of your codes and validation to check against email addresses. This avoids codes being accepted more than once.

  2. Generate a set of log in credentials for your site, then provide these to your customers as Unique codes. Once again, you can get started straight away without a software developer. Simply include the URL where they can log in along with the instructions. Your customers get instant access to what they paid for, and you don't have to manage so many emails.

  3. You can provide services with Unique codes too. Your customers can provide their code to you and you validate it on Distribly. Make sure the product page clearly states any restrictions. For example: if the codes can only be redeemed at a particular branch of your store.

  4. Integrate code validation into your website. You can automate code validation, meaning your buyers can purchase and gain instant access without you having to do anything. There are also modules or plug-ins for many blogging tools and content management systems which manage this for you.

    To do this you need to generate your codes and upload them to Distribly, then provide some place on your website where buyers can enter the code. When the code is verified, you can trigger an automatic account to be created, or grant instant access in whichever way you choose.

Additional instructions

You need to include instructions for the buyer, telling them what they need to do to use the code. We send these instructions to the buyer along with the code. HTML can't be used in your instructions and URLs are automatically displayed as hyperlinks.

Managing your codes

To check the number of available codes for a product:

  1. Go to the My account drop-down at the top right of the page
  2. Select Items I'm selling
  3. Review the Available quantity column for the product you wish to check.

To check which customer received which code:

  1. Go to the My account drop-down at the top right of the page
  2. Select Sales under Earnings
  3. Here you can see who purchased what and which code they were allocated by clicking Show code.

When your codes sell out, the product is automatically deactivated. You can reactivate it when more codes are added. An email alert is automatically sent when your codes sell out. Additionally, you can choose to receive an alert when the number of available codes drops below a certain amount.

If a code needs to be canceled due to a refund or any other reason, we send you the code so you can disable it on your system or remove it from your list.

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