Subscriptions are an easy way for you to sell access to a product or service. You supply the unique codes to activate the subscription, add your product or service details, and we allocate the codes to your customers when they subscribe.

What can Subscriptions be used for?

Subscriptions on Distribly can be used for anything that requires a recurring payment. For fixed length single payment subscriptions, e.g. a one-off payment which doesn't recur, use Unique codes.

How subscriptions work

Once you've added your codes, and these have been reviewed, you're ready to start selling. You can email, share, embed, tweet, even Google your new subscription. When your customer subscribes, we email them their code with the instructions you provided. They simply follow your instructions and they're done. Easy.

Subscriptions are paid automatically each billing cycle until they're canceled. Billing cycles can be anywhere from daily, to five years in length; and payments are made based on when the customer subscribes.

For example: a monthly subscription started on the 30th, is paid on the 30th of each subsequent month. If a payment falls on a day which doesn't exist, like February 30th, then it's made on the next available day; in this case, March 1st.

When your customer purchases a subscription, they receive the code to activate their subscription. We continue to collect the subscription payment for you every billing cycle, until they decide to cancel it. At which time we email you the code for the canceled subscription, along with the date the subscription should end, so you can revoke it.

Adding a Subscription product

To list your Subscription product on Distribly, go to the My account drop-down at the top right of the page and choose Add an item to sell. Once logged in, choose Recurring payment, enter your product details and upload the file containing your codes.

Setup fees

If your subscription has a setup fee in addition to the recurring payment, this needs to be created as a separate product and clearly shown to the buyer on the product page for the subscription. They can then pay the setup fee at the same time they begin the subscription.

Your file and codes

Currently, subscriptions only work with Unique codes. Meaning you upload codes to activate the subscriptions and we allocate these to your customers when they subscribe.

Help with adding unique codes

For information about validating codes on your website, see our Unique codes page.

Additional instructions

You need to include instructions for the buyer, telling them what they need to do to activate the subscription. We send these instructions to the buyer along with their code. HTML can't be used in your instructions and URLs are automatically displayed as hyperlinks.

When you offer a subscription product, you also need to give subscribers a way to cancel their subscription. We've created a Cancel subscription hyperlink for you to embed along with your subscription product which you can see below:

Cancel subscription


To embed this, just copy the code below and paste it into your page.

<a href="" target="_blank">Cancel subscription</a>

Managing your codes

To check the number of available codes for a subscription product:

  1. Go to the My account drop-down at the top right of the page
  2. Select Items I'm selling
  3. Review the Available quantity column for the product you wish to check.

To check which customer received which code:

  1. Go to the My account drop-down at the top right of the page
  2. Select Sales under Earnings
  3. Here you can see who purchased what and which code they were allocated by clicking Show code.

When your codes sell out, the product is automatically deactivated. You can reactivate it when more codes are added. An email alert is automatically sent when your codes sell out. Additionally, you can choose to receive an alert when the number of available codes drops below a certain amount.

If a code needs to be canceled due to a refund or any other reason, we send you the code so you can disable it on your system or remove it from your list.

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