Seller flow

The end to end process is thoroughly integrated with the added benefit of earnings for sharing at each step. We automate as much as possible to save you time. Once your product is added, you could do nothing and just let it look after itself. Though we recommend reviewing performance and tweaking your product pages to maximize sales - great product pages sell more. And naturally everything on Distribly is hassle free and easy to set-up.

1. Sign up in seconds - FREE

  • Your Distribly account is ready to go, no matter if you want to sell, promote or buy
  • All promotable URLs inside Distribly are Personalized URLs - meaning, when you share that URL and generate sales or bring in new sellers, you get paid!

2. Add product in seconds - FREE

Your new product is automatically:

  • Given an SEO optimized product page
  • Added to the the Distribly Marketplace
  • Set-up for embedding and sharing
  • Available for Distribly members and affiliates to promote
  • Tracked for views and sales
  • Secured with verified SSL encryption on Distribly, including the checkout process

3. Promote, embed, share anywhere

  • Social buttons such as Facebook Like, Tweet and Pin are all set-up for easy click and share
  • Embedded BUY NOW buttons take buyers straight to checkout with the item already in their basket, to purchase they just enter their details and check out.

4. Customers purchase your product with PayPal or credit card

  • This could be via Google, one of your embedded buttons, a Distribly member sharing a product, review or purchase, an embedded product, or somebody actively promoting you
  • Payment is confirmed
  • Your customer receives their files securely
  • Download links can't be shared as they are generated for that customer and expire after use or after a few seconds if not used
  • Funds appear in your account instantly
  • All this happens without you having to lift a finger
  • Track your sales, page views and product performance easily within your account.

Find out more about the customer purchase flow

5. Your customers can share their purchase and earn with:

  • Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Pinterest and email
  • A Personalized URL for all other services.

6. Your customers are prompted to review your product, the day after purchase

This helps to:

  • Generate more sales thanks to great product reviews
  • Potentially earn from sharing the review using social buttons or their Personalized URL
  • Get review data into Google results using rich snippets.

7. You get paid at the end of each month for the previous months earnings


  • Options for early payouts
  • Options for no thresholds on payouts.

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