Resolving problems

Hiccups are currently in development. For now, Contact us to report all issues.

Whenever you report content or bad behavior, ask for a refund, or have a problem with your download, a Hiccup is opened. Hiccups let members communicate with each other in a structured way to resolve issues. Don't worry, being involved in a Hiccup isn't the end of the world. Just remember to be responsive, polite, and reasonable. If you do this, Hiccups are quick and easy. Notifications are used to alert you to Hiccups and related updates.

You can get to your Hiccups via the My account drop-down at the top right of the page.

Opening Hiccups

Hiccups are opened automatically whenever you choose Report content, Contact the seller, or Request refund from The Cog, or by clicking the Report link on a page.

Hiccups can be for anything from a typo or incorrect Content rating, to complaints that need the seller's input, and matters of copyright infringement. Hiccups relating to content corrections and copyright can be viewed and added to by other Distribly members, other issues are dealt with privately.

Describing the issue

When you choose to open a Hiccup, you're shown any existing Hiccups, to see whether your issue is already being dealt with. If your problem is new, you can enter the details before reporting it. If you see your problem in the list already, you can click Watch to receive updates about the issue until it's resolved.

Once you've opened a Hiccup

After you open a Hiccup, the other party has to respond within a certain time. When they respond, you also have a deadline to make a response, if required. If a deadline is missed, the Hiccup can be closed or subject to an automated action. Distribly may also get involved in some Hiccups to make sure your issue is addressed.

You can edit or close a Hiccup opened by you at anytime if you want to add new details, or if the issue is resolved.

Receiving Hiccups

When a Hiccup is opened which requires your attention, you receive a notification. This gives you details about the issue and the deadline, so you can investigate and fix any problems.

Hiccups can be for small things, maybe something you have overlooked on a product. They can also come from forums, help articles, reviews, basically any content that you add to Distribly can have a Hiccup.

You also receive Hiccups when buyers want to talk to you about their orders. You need to respond to these Hiccups and address the buyers' questions. This is your chance to work with your customer and come to a mutual agreement without them resorting to refunds or chargebacks.

Responding to Hiccups

If you don't respond to Hiccups before the deadline, you may lose the right to challenge any refunds requested by buyers, or even have your account restricted if the Hiccup is related to inappropriate behavior. So make sure you respond and be reasonable when communicating with other members.

If no agreement can be reached, then Distribly can be asked to decide the outcome of Hiccups. In this case, we look at all of the details and decide as fairly as possible, based on the information we have.

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