Refunds for sellers

From time to time, buyers will ask for refunds. If it meets the criteria in our refund policy then it's accepted and processed automatically, you don't have to take any action. However, if the buyer is not covered by our refund policy, then you need to decide whether to issue a refund or not.

If you are a buyer, and want to find out more about refunds, see our refunds section.

Refund policy

On Distribly, refund requests are automatically processed up to 28 days after purchase, or until a download is attempted, whichever comes first.

Automatic refunds

For any automatic refunds on your products, you will receive a summary via notifications. You don't need to take any action.

Refunds via Hiccups

For requests which do not meet the conditions of the refund policy, you need to decide whether to issue a refund or not. When a refund is requested, a Hiccup is opened and you receive some important information about the refund, the product, and the buyer to help you with your decision making. You can then communicate directly with the buyer and work things out.

Refund fees

When you issue a refund, the buyer chooses whether they want the funds returned to their Distribly balance, or to the original payment provider they used. Refunds to the buyer's Distribly balance are free; refunds to PayPal incur a fee equal to the PayPal base fee for the transaction, which is removed from your Distribly balance. The base fees can be viewed in the table on the Fees page.

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Affiliates and referrers

According to our Terms of Use, when a refund is issued by a seller, any commission paid out for generating the original sale, or for referring the seller to Distribly, is also refunded. You don't have to do anything when a refund is issued, the transactions are reversed automatically and appear in your Orders section; and under Transactions in your Earnings section.

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