Mass product upload

If you have a lot of products to add to Distribly, the easiest way to do this is with a mass product upload. Just enter all of your product information into our template and upload it, along with your files, using the FTP credentials we provide to you. Then we'll add all of your products for you.

Requesting a mass product upload

To arrange the upload of your files, you need to contact us with details of the products you want to upload. We then discuss your requirements with you and send a spreadsheet with the layout we require, ready for you to enter your product data.

Useful information to include when you contact us:

  • What are you selling?
  • How many files do you plan to upload?
  • What is the maximum file size?
  • What is the average file size?
  • How many previous sales have you made of these products?

Using the template

Each product has its own row in the spreadsheet, and the columns contain the same options you find on the create product page. There are also comments and text explaining what needs to be entered in each column and whether it's optional or not.

Here are some tips for using the template:

  • If you're adding multiple lines of text in a cell, make sure you double click the cell before pasting. Otherwise the text copies over into the rows for other products
  • Make sure the file names you enter into the template match the file names for your products, otherwise we can't match your data with your products
  • All filenames must be unique; this means, for example: you can't name your sample file the same as your product file
  • Many column titles have comments with extra information, just hover or click to display the comment
  • Make sure you enter all of the required values for each row, otherwise your product can't be created
  • Cells where the values are restricted have drop-down menus so you can choose the correct option
  • When a value is the same for all of your products, simply copy the value down all of the rows
  • Double check your product details before uploading as any changes made later need to be done manually.

Uploading your files

When you finish entering your product data upload your product files along with the template using the FTP credentials we provide to you. Once the upload is complete, we create all of your products and activate them on Distribly.

If you want to check the format of your spreadsheet when you have added your first few products, contact us and we'll arrange to check your file for you.

Some things to watch out for:

  • All files should be together, nothing inside folders. A good idea is to add all product, image and sample files along with the template to a single folder on your computer so it's easy to select them all for transfer
  • Mass product uploads can have a maximum of one product image, one sample file and one product file per product. Extra images and files must be added manually.

Using FTP

FTP is a way to transfer files from one place to another. Distribly uses FTP for mass product uploads. If you have never used FTP before, here are some tips for transferring files with the free FTP client FileZilla: First, download and install FileZilla, if you don't have it already.

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Enter the FTP details sent to you by Distribly into the boxes at the top of the FileZilla window and click Quickconnect
  3. Locate your product files using the window on the left hand side in FileZilla
  4. Drag and drop them into Distribly on the right hand side
  5. Your files should start transferring immediately.

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