Licenses for images

Every downloadable product on Distribly must include a license. As a seller, you need to choose a license which contains the rights you want to grant or not grant to buyers of your product. Licenses for images are tailored to the specific images being sold and fall under two main types: royalty free and rights managed. Distribly has a standard royalty free license which you can use, as well as letting you upload your own custom license.

Adding your license

If you already have a license you want to use for your product, then add it as a Custom license.

If you want to use your own license, or link to a license URL, it must be added as a Custom license. Simply copy your license text or links into the box provided on the product creation page. To use Distribly's standard royalty free license, just select it from the license drop-down menu when creating your product.

How to add a custom license

Royalty free licenses

Distribly's royalty free license is quite permissive, as are most royalty free licenses, and offers the buyer the ability to use the product in many different ways for a single license fee. It includes the following broad conditions:

  • The image can be used in a wide range of applications, for an unlimited time period, in multiple projects
  • After the license fee is paid, no further royalties need to be paid by the buyer
  • The image is not exclusive and can be sold to others by the seller
  • The buyer can make up to 500,000 physical reproductions of the product.

Custom royalty free licenses can also include extended conditions for specific uses not covered in a Distribly's standard license.

Read Distribly's standard royalty free license for a thorough explanation of how the product can be used.

Rights managed licenses

Rights managed licenses are more restrictive and are normally negotiated individually for each use of the image. They can have limitations on almost any aspect of the image's use, some examples are listed below:

  • The duration for which the image can be used
  • The geographic regions in which the image can be used
  • The industries the image can be used in
  • The usage of the image, for example: advertising, corporate, or editorial
  • The specific use of the image, for example: billboards, newspaper articles
  • The number of times the image can be reproduced
  • The size at which the image can be reproduced
  • Whether the image is exclusive or not and how long the exclusivity lasts
  • If the image is used on a website, how many servers the license is valid for.

Rights managed licenses can vary widely due to the many limitations which can be placed on the image's use.

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