How to find your missing email

If you haven't received your sign up or download email, then it's probably been filtered out as spam. Using POP, IMAP or email forwarding can mean that you have a second, additional spam folder, that you may not be aware of.

This issue can affect messages from Distribly, including the sign up email. Once you have checked all your spam folders and marked the Distribly messages as not spam, simply add and to your contacts or safe senders list to prevent this from happening in the future.

How do I know if my emails are forwarded?

Hopefully you set up POP, IMAP or email forwarding yourself, so you know whether you forward your emails. It could be that someone else set up your email account and you don't know. Check the information below and if you are still not sure, ask the person who set up your email account.

If you use an email program on your computer or phone, like Outlook or Thunderbird, to read your mails; then you use POP or IMAP.

If the domain of the email address, this is the part after the @ in your email address, is different from the account you are checking your email in, then you are probably using POP or email forwarding. For example you read emails in your Gmail account that were originally sent to your @hotmail address.

Finding your missing messages

To check whether you have missed any messages, go directly to the source page of your email account, normally the email website, and check the spam or junk folder for messages from Distribly, mark these as Not Spam or Not Junk. To prevent this from happening again, add Distribly to your contacts or safe senders as described below.

Add Distribly to your contacts

Once you've retrieved any missing messages, add and to your contacts or safe senders list. Find help with the most popular email providers below:

List of email service specific instructions

If all else fails

When you've:

  1. Confirmed you entered the correct email address when signing up or purchasing
  2. Checked your spam folder including checking to ensure you don't have an additional online spam folder
  3. Added our email addresses to your contacts or safe senders list.

Try the following link to gain access to your account.

Get access to my account

If you still don't have access to your account, contact us.

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