The Distribly glossary is a list of terms that are useful to know and understand, especially those that are found only on Distribly. Referring to these terms will help you get more out of Distribly's service.


Are a way of rewarding you for your activity and to make learning about Distribly fun. The more you use and interact with the site, the more rewards you'll earn. Achievements also determine your member level, and can be private, public or just shared with friends.

Active content

Content that is available for Distribly members to view and buy.


A member who promotes the products of others, receiving a commission for any sales they assist with.

Sometimes called a web banner, or banner ad; an image which is embedded into a web page for advertising purposes.


A member who purchases products on Distribly.


The process where a buyer tries to reclaim their money by reversing the transaction with the payment provider.

Commission percentage

The percentage of the sale price that is awarded to an affiliate for their role in making a sale.

Community help

Help articles created by the Distribly community.

Content rating

One of the three categories: General, Not general or Possibly offensive; visible to different members based on their account Settings.

Deactivated content

Content that is no longer available for Distribly members to view or buy.


The place to go to find help about everything on Distribly. Look through the topics other members have created, or edit and add your own.

Distribly community

Every member can become part of the Distribly community by contributing their knowledge and expertise to our Distri-pedia, reviews, or anywhere else that uses community help.

Facebook connect

A service which allows you to log in with your Facebook username and password, and also allows you to use some of your Facebook profile information on Distribly.


Hiccups are for when things don't go quite as smoothly as they should. They create a structured exchange between members to resolve problems in some cases with automated outcomes.


When a url starts with HTTPS, it means the data transferred from your web browser to us is secure and encrypted.


The market used by banks to exchange different currencies with one another.


A number used to identify books internationally, it can be either 10 or 13 digits.

Landing Page

A web page which people are directed to after clicking on an advertisement.


A collection of rights which defines how a product can be used once purchased.


Someone who has signed up to Distribly enabling them to use all of the benefits offered on Distribly.


A message from Distribly giving you information about your account or products.


A sequence of words, used as a password, to provide a higher level of security.


Distribly makes payments to sellers ,affiliates and referrers at the end of the month for money earned in the previous month.

Payment provider

The institution responsible for making payments; examples are: PayPal, a credit card company, or a bank.

Price per sale

A type of commission paid out for each successful sale generated by an affiliate.

Private Hiccup

Issues which are resolved privately, with the responsible member; without the input of the Distribly community.

Private Message

A message sent from one member to another. Used for answering questions or supplying more information about a product .

Public profile

What other members see when they view your profile.

Responsible member

The member, usually the seller, who is responsible for the content involved in a Hiccup.


A member who sells products on Distribly.

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