Getting paid

When you make a sale or earn commission, your earnings are added to your Distribly balance. At the end of the month, Distribly deposits your available balance into your PayPal account according to your payment settings. You can also request early payouts.

How to get paid

To sell, be paid, or spend balance on Distribly, you need:

  1. A verified PayPal account
  2. To connect your PayPal account to your Distribly account.

For more information about setting up your PayPal account with Distribly see the Related stuff on the right.

When you get paid

Your payment settings affect how and when payments are made to you. Distribly makes payments at the end of the month for the previous month's earnings. For example, your earnings from January are paid out at the end of February.

Payments are only issued when the payment exceeds the payment threshold. The payment threshold varies by currency and can be viewed in your Payment settings.

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Distribly doesn't charge you any fees for standard payouts, though you may incur PayPal fees on the transaction.

If your PayPal and Distribly accounts are set up with different currencies, PayPal charges a currency conversion fee on top of your transaction. To avoid this, you can add additional currencies to your PayPal account.

How to add additional currencies to your PayPal account

Requesting early payouts

You can request early payout of your available balance at any time, even if your balance is less than the minimum payout threshold. We do our best to process requests within 24 hours. If we're online, we process these straight away.

You can request an early payout from your My account drop-down at the top right of the page by clicking Request early payout. This option is only available when your available balance is greater than zero.

Early payout fees are calculated based on how early the payout is: for example, if your payout is 20 days early, the fee is 20%; if it is 19 days early, the fee is 19%, and so on. If your early payout is less than the payment threshold, there is an additional 10% fee.

Distribly balance

Your Distribly balance is made up of your Pending balance and Available balance. Funds in your Pending balance become Available balance after 28 days. This allows for automatic refunds to be made if necessary.

Pending balance

When you make a sale or earn commission, the funds are added to your Pending balance. You can view your Pending balance, but it cannot be spent or credited to your PayPal account.

Available balance

Available balance can be used to purchase items on Distribly, or you can leave it to be credited to your PayPal account on the next scheduled payment date, depending on your Payment settings.

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