Distribly likes to keep things simple. We don't charge a sign up fee, there are no subscription fees, or fees for listing your products. We only earn when you earn, by taking a 10% commission on sales. This reduces as your sales volume increases!

Using PayPal

Distribly uses PayPal to make payments to sellers. You must be PayPal verified to sell, be paid, or spend balance on Distribly. Distribly doesn't charge you any fees when you pay for a product, or when we pay you, but PayPal does charge fees on its transactions.


When you purchase a product on Distribly, there are no hidden costs or fees. You only pay the sale price of the product.


Affiliate and referrer commission is credited to your Distribly balance in full, there are no fees deducted from payments you receive for promoting.


When a buyer makes a purchase, the sales price is added to your Distribly balance; minus Distribly's 10% commission, any affiliate commission due, and any PayPal fees which apply to the transaction.

Individual fee rates can be negotiated for sellers who sell high priced products. Contact us for more information.

Reducing commission

We only earn when you earn and never take more than 10% commission on sales. This reduces as you sell more of each product, as shown in the following table.

Sales volume by product Distribly commission
Less than 100 sales 10%
100–199 9%
200–299 8%
300–399 7%
400–499 6%
500–749 5%
750–999 4%
1000–1999 3%
Over 1999 sales 2%

If you've been referred, commission reduction starts six months after you sign up based on the above table.

PayPal fees

These fees may not be incurred when members can spend their available Distribly balance.

For transactions originating outside of New Zealand, PayPal fees are made up of the base fee, plus 3.9% of the transaction amount. Transactions from within New Zealand are charged the base fee plus 3.4%. The reason for the 0.5% difference in fees is PayPal's additional fee for international payments.

Below is the base fee for each of the currencies we support:

Currency PayPal base fee
United States Dollar US$ 0.30
Euro € 0.35
Japanese Yen ¥ 40.00
Pound Sterling £ 0.20
Australian Dollar AU$ 0.30
Swiss Franc CHF 0.55
Canadian Dollar CA$ 0.30
New Zealand Dollar NZ$ 0.45


When you issue a refund, the buyer chooses whether they want the funds returned to their Distribly balance, or to the original payment provider they used. Refunds to the buyer's Distribly balance are free; refunds to PayPal may incur a fee.

Find out more about refunds for sellers

Getting paid

When you make a sale or earn commission, your earnings are added to your Distribly balance, which you can see in the My account drop-down at the top right of the page. At the end of the month, Distribly deposits your available balance into your PayPal account according to your payment settings. Distribly doesn't charge you any fees for these payouts, though you may incur PayPal fees on the transaction. You can also request early payouts.

Find out more about getting paid

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