Downloading to Kindle

Currently, you can't download files from Distribly directly to your Kindle, though it is likely to be available in the near future. In the meantime, you can use files from Distribly on your Kindle, by transferring them from your computer to the Kindle with the USB charging cable that came with your Kindle.

Most newer Kindles support HTML and PDF files natively, while some older versions don't. Make sure your Kindle supports the file types that you want to use before transferring.

Transferring files to your Kindle

Plug your Kindle into your computer using the USB cable. Your Kindle should appear under "My computer", or on your desktop, depending on which operating system you use.

To transfer the files, copy them from your computer and paste into the appropriate folder on your Kindle; for example: put documents into the "documents" folder, and music into the "music" folder.

Eject your Kindle before unplugging the USB cable, you should now be able to use your files.

Converting files to use on your Kindle

If you need to convert your files to a format compatible with your version of the Kindle, there are a couple of different methods you can use:

Convert the files online

Amazon offers a service which converts your files into formats compatible with the Kindle. Find out more information about this on the Amazon blog and details of some fees which may apply in Amazon's help section.

Convert the files on your own computer

There are a number of programs available which can convert files into formats suitable for the Kindle. Try searching the internet to find one that works for you.



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