Downloading and opening files

After purchasing make sure you read the sellers instructions if provided. Then save the file to your computer before opening it. Most files should open simply by double clicking them. You can find more information about downloading and opening files below.

Downloading a file

Go to the My account drop-down, choose Items I've purchased, and click the Download button located beside the item title. Free and purchased items can also be downloaded directly from the product page.

Your browser will ask you if you want to Open/Run the file, or Save/Download. Choose Save or Download and select the location on your computer where you wish to save the file.

When the file has finished downloading, you can open it.

Items are available to download for a period of 28 days from purchase, or until you use your five download attempts, whichever comes first.

Finding the downloaded file

Usually, after saving a downloaded file to your computer, you're offered an option to open it. If not, or if you wish to find the file later, you may not be sure where the file is saved. In most cases you can find downloaded files in the Downloads folder on your computer. If you're not sure where this folder is, simply search your computer for this folder.

Opening files

Most files you download from Distribly should open by simply double clicking on them. If you have trouble opening a file:

  1. Check if the seller provided instructions, if yes read them
  2. Take a look at the troubleshooting section below
  3. Use the Speech bubble icon beside the title of the item on the Items I've purchased page.
    Manage the items I've purchased


The following table shows some solutions to common problems with downloads and opening files:

Problem Solution
My download appears to freeze Large files can take some time to download on slower Internet connections, so be patient if your file is more than a few MBs in size. Sometimes downloads can time out if they take too long, when this happens you will see an error message.
My download doesn't work Distribly supports the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari; however, some non-standard browsers may not be compatible with Distribly downloads. If you're having trouble downloading, try a different browser.
Downloading to my phone or tablet doesn't work Try downloading onto a computer first, and transfer to any other devices you wish to use later.
I can't download from my workplace, an Internet café, hotspot etc Some networks have firewalls or other security features in their computer systems which prevent the downloading or opening of certain file formats. Ask the network administrator if you're not sure.
I can't open the file Try the following:
  1. Make sure you have the software required to view the file on your computer
  2. Make sure you use the latest version of the software required to view the file
  3. Make sure the device you are using is capable of viewing the file and can have any required software installed on it.
Windows asks me to choose a program to open the file with, but I don't know which one An Internet search of the file format usually shows the most suitable way to open the file.
I get a message saying the PDF file is corrupt, damaged, or requires a password Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. Some older versions of Adobe Reader can't open newer PDF files, this produces an error as it can't read the file properly.
I can't open the file on my Mac Some exe, zipped, and archived files don't open easily with Apple's built in software and need a free app called The Unarchiver to use them on Mac computers.
I've tried all the above and can't solve my problem Contact the seller and explain the problem you're having.

Test downloads

We have prepared some free products for you to test whether downloads and common file formats work for you. If you're having trouble downloading an item, this can help you check if the problem is the download, or the file format:

Go to the free HTML test product
Go to the free PDF test product

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