Chargebacks for sellers

Buyers occasionally file chargebacks, it's a part of doing business online. While we can't guarantee that you will successfully defend all chargebacks, we do what we can to help you out when they arise.

What is a chargeback?

Chargebacks occur when a credit card company is asked by a cardholder to reverse a transaction. Distribly lets you know when a chargeback is filed and helps out by submitting detailed information to the credit card company about the sale. However, we don't pay any fees associated with chargebacks.

Chargebacks for sellers

As soon as we're informed of a chargeback involving one of your products, we send you a notification to let you know. We also put together a detailed response for the credit card provider which contains all the information we have, relating to the transaction. When we know the outcome of the chargeback, we send you another notification to let you know if your challenge was successful.

Avoiding chargebacks

Sellers can avoid chargebacks by following a few guidelines:

  • Provide the right information. Make sure your product descriptions are accurate and true, that way the buyer knows exactly what they are getting when they download your product
  • Be responsive. If a buyer contacts you, respond and try to answer their questions as best you can
  • Be fair If someone has a gripe with you or your product, don't just brush them off, listen to them and act reasonably
  • Use Distribly for communicating with your buyers. Communicate with your buyers using Distribly's messaging system, this greatly increases your chance of defending against chargebacks as we can show the credit card company you have made an effort to resolve the problem.

When payments are reversed

If a chargeback is decided in favor of the buyer, the transaction is reversed and the chargeback fee deducted from your Distribly balance as outlined in our Terms of Use. For affiliates and referrers, this means any commission from the original sale is also reversed.

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