All about Internet Cookies

Cookies are small files saved on your computer by websites you visit. They are used to help websites recognize you, remember your preferences, and improve your user experience. To use Distribly, you need to allow cookies.

Allowing cookies

To use Distribly, you need to allow cookies. Below, you can find some links to help you configure cookies in the most popular browsers.

List of browser specific instructions

What are cookies?

A cookie is created when you load a website in your browser. Information is sent to your browser and stored as a text file. Next time you visit the website, the information is sent back from your browser to the website.

The information sent helps us recognize you and the contents of your shopping cart as well as your preferences. Affiliate, referrer and promoter activities are also tracked using cookies.

Are Distribly's cookies safe?

Yes. Cookies are unable to perform any operations by themselves, they are only short pieces of data.

They can only be used to help your browser process information from a certain website and don't allow Distribly to access or see any information on your computer apart from the cookie itself; and the cookie is only useful for the website that created it.

We do not use cookies to track your activity outside Distribly, we are only interested in making our service easier for you to use while you are here.

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