Achievements and member level

We've added achievements to Distribly as a way of rewarding you for your activity and to make learning about Distribly fun. The more you use and interact with the site, the more rewards you'll earn. Achievements also determine your member level, and can be private, public or just shared with friends. By leveling up, you increase your reputation within the Distribly community.


Achievements are awarded for completing specific activities on Distribly. They can be for various things: simply signing up to Distribly, buying, selling, promoting, being part of the community, or just for maintaining consistently high standards in your activity while here. There are also a few which are not so easy to find.

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Member level

Achievements are divided into levels, when you have completed enough achievements at one level, you are automatically promoted to the next. With each new level, you get a new title and sometimes you get access to things you never had access to before.

You also have the ability to share your achievements or keep them private. You can control who can see your member level and achievements at the bottom of the Public profile tab in the Settings section.

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The ultimate achievement is a Badge. If you receive a Badge, that means you are up there with the best of the best. Be a producer of high quality products, generate loads of sales or refer like a pro; there are Badges for being awesome at whatever it is that you do on Distribly.

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