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One of the most important things to do when using the Internet is to keep your accounts secure. At Distribly we take this very seriously. Although we store your information securely, it is also important for you to remain security conscious. Below are some tips to get you started.

Add information to improve your account security

It only takes a few minutes to increase the security of your Distribly account by adding back up email addresses and your PayPal account:

Add backup email addresses

If you lose access to both your Distribly and email accounts, we can only help you regain access if you have added and confirmed at least one additional email address. This is a security feature to protect your account. Simply ask us to make one of your additional email addresses the primary address. We don't use your additional email addresses for any other purpose.

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Add your PayPal account

You must be PayPal Verified to sell, be paid, or spend balance on Distribly. Adding your PayPal account early on ensures you, and you alone get paid for your efforts with Distribly. As a security feature, once a verified PayPal account as been added it cannot be changed.

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Simply adding an unverified PayPal account doesn't secure your account as it can still be changed. We recommend you verify your PayPal account as soon as possible.

Find out more about PayPal accounts and verification

Protect your computer

Protect your information by making sure your Internet enabled device is safe. Whether you connect with your PC, laptop, smartphone, eReader, or any other device; you should always:

  • Use up to date software to protect you from malicious software, including viruses
  • Use a firewall
  • Only download software and files from websites you trust.

Choose a good password

Use a passphrase

A passphrase is a sequence of words like a sentence. They are used in the same way as a password only much easier to remember than long complex passwords. Passphrases are the best way to secure access to your accounts and you should be using one to protect access to your Distribly account.

Use a strong password

There are many lists published of common passwords and passphrases that are very easy for others to guess. Combinations like "password", "1234", or "this is my password" are not secure and should not be used. It is best to follow some basic rules when choosing a password:

  • Use a passphrase, as mentioned above
  • Use at least 8 characters, 12 is better, and 16 is better still
  • Use a mix of letters, numbers, capitals and special characters
  • Change your password regularly.

Use a unique password for each service. If you have the same password for all services and it is revealed, all of your accounts are compromised.

Keep your password secure

Your password is only for you, never share it with anyone else and make sure it is stored in a secure location. If you save your passwords, so they are filled in automatically when you go to a website, use a strong master password to protect them. To maintain your security:

  • Never let others see you enter your password
  • Always log out when you are finished
  • Never let others use your account
  • When using public computers, make sure your login information is not being stored on the machine.

Be alert when using the Internet

Check the URL

Always make sure you are on the correct URL for the site you are visiting. If you are following a link from an email or another website, check that the address looks the way it should, otherwise it could be a fake. To be doubly safe, carefully type the URL into your browser yourself; or, use Google to find the page, bookmark it, and navigate with your bookmarks.

Avoid bad security questions

Distribly does not use security questions, but when you're forced to choose a security question for other services, be careful that the answer cannot be found in public information from social networks and other services. Things such as your father's middle name, pets' names, or your school can be widely known or even found by searching public profiles.

Use a password manager

Password managers such as KeePass are portable, fast and secure. You can also use them to generate strong passwords, store correct URLs and enter your details into online forms. Password managers make it easy to maintain high security standards and have strong, unique passwords for every service you use.

If you do use a password manager, make sure you protect it with a strong password that you can remember, and always back up the password database file. If you need to write the password down, store it in a safe location, away from your device and any backups of your data.

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