Feature requests

When we receive feature requests from members we manage these here. This page shows what people are asking for, what we're working on and the requests we've already implemented. If there's something you need let us know!

Open requests

This section has two parts, what we are currently implementing and what we'll implement next. Sign up to be notified when these features are implemented.


Coming very soon - we're currently implementing these

  1. Custom themes for checkout

Coming soon - we'll implement these next

  1. Add the ability to use discount codes
  2. Checkout add-ons and configuration
  3. Add specific content type for selling software
  4. Add specific content type for selling images
  5. Need something? Let us know!

Implemented requests

  1. Ability to change my account email address
  2. Ability to try another PayPal account if connected account isn't verified
  3. Ability to purchase without first signing up
  4. Ability to embed custom BUY NOW buttons on other web pages
  5. Ability to add a large number of products without creating these individually
  6. Ability to contact seller
  7. Character counts on fields when creating products
  8. More tags available when creating products
  9. Download instructions on the download page
  10. Ability to sell unique codes
  11. Seller email alerts for unique codes
  12. Ability to add specific instructions for your downloadable products
  13. Ability to sell subscriptions
  14. Ability to see a count of product page views as a seller
  15. Ability to see if download links have been emailed and the files downloaded
  16. Ability to request early payouts
  17. Ability to contact your customers
  18. Ability to add free downloads
  19. One page checkout
  20. Ability to set how you when and what email alerts for private messages
  21. Ability to receive your unique code and instructions immediately after purchase
  22. Ability to download immediately after purchase
  23. Reducing fees with volume of sales

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